Android App for Skype Finally Gets Background Blur With New Update

Skype is releasing a new update on all devices and includes the ability for Android users to blur the background during a video call on Skype. The background blur feature has been available for iOS as well as desktop users for some time, and Android users are finally getting it with the Skype 8.68 update. The update also improves the custom Reaction picker and brings about other issues for desktop, Android, and iOS users.

In their release notes in the Microsoft forum, the Skype team has confirmed that Skype 8.68 is running for all devices i.e. Windows, Linux, Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. The release notes confirm that Skype for Android is getting the background blur feature, almost two years after its first rollout to desktop users in February 2019. iOS users got this feature in July last year according to 9to5Mac, and Android user’s report. To get past it. Microsoft also updated its support page adding Skype for Android support for background blur.

Microsoft states that Skype for Android users require their devices to work on Android 6.0 and above for this feature. As the name suggests, the background blur feature puts areas to keep the user out of focus, enabling users to hide their backgrounds during a video call. To use this feature on Skype for Android, click the three dots More menu during a call and enable the Blur my background option.

Skype for iPhone and iPad users make some improvements to the share extension, with support for the Dark theme and an overall performance increase to the latest version 8.68. The update also improves the custom response picker to enable easier access to more responses on Skype. Skype updates for iOS also include bug fixes, such as virtual cameras not working on MacOS X, and missing voice messages for some users. Performance issues with the emoji picker have also been fixed, and stability improvements have also been added according to the release notes.

The company says that in the next few days new features will be rolled out gradually.

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