Bert & Bertie Directing The Film “Queen Bitch & The High Horse,” with producer Cate Blanchett

Burt and Bertie are partnering with Cate Blanchett. The directorial duo is set to direct “Queen Bitch and the High Horse”, which is being produced by Blanchett’s Dirty Films and the New Republic.

According to Deadline, the film is “inspired by the biggest municipal fraud in American history.” “Queen Bitch and the High Horse”, is a “cautionary tale of the city’s sweethearts” by corrupt public servant Penny Banks, an ambitious, larger-than-life woman whose love for civic duty is only eclipsed by the love of horses And eventually had her own husband. As Penny rises up the ranks of City Hall, she transforms the city into her personal piggy bank, abusing millions to fund a show horse empire that will take her from the Podunk Rodeo Circuit to the winner’s circle in Kentucky . ”

“We are excited to bring a brilliantly pen, compelling, funny, and diabolical film to the screen with such a fantastic team. Queen bitches, you are going to like it, ”said Burt and Bertie.

Burt and Bertie’s last film, 2019’s “Troop Zero,” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Vody Davis and Allison Jenny played a temporary army of birdie scouts in the comedy. His TV directing credits include “The Great” and “Kidding” and he is currently in production of Disney +’s “Hawk”.

When we asked Burt and Bertie how they had inspired him to become a filmmaker, he said, “We didn’t see stories about us; We did not identify with most of the stories being told. Growing up we had boys adventure films like ‘stand by me’ and ‘the goonies’, but we didn’t have girls’ adventure films. ”

Asked what advice he would give to other female directors, he insisted, “Keep making stories that make sense to you.”

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