World of Warcraft patch notes for Feb 3 and Feb 2

Blizzard Entertainment has released a number of World Victor of Visitors over the past few weeks, addressing a wide range of issues that are discussing the expansion and classic of WoW Shadowlands. Now, the developers roll out two new WoW hotfixes on February 2 and February 3. It should be noted that they are hotfix patches, so they do not bring any content to the game. Instead, it focuses on fixing various bugs and improving gameplay.

Wow patch 3 February

Here’s a look at the official WoW patch note for February 3:

The classes

  • demon Hunter
  1. Havoc
    The vengeful retreat no longer causes the Hunter (Night Fay Ability) target to fail the Demon Hunter.
  2. Vengeance
    Throw Glive, Sigmil of Flame and Elysian Decree (Kyrian Ability) must now properly threaten targets that have not been attacked by the Demon Hunter.

The covenants

Night fae

  • Fixed an issue where Horn of the Wild Hunt (Koren Solbind) was using the wrong sound effects.
  • An issue where Wild Hunt’s Charge (Koren Solbind) won’t work when using Natural Impetus.

Player vs player

The covenants

  • Necrolord – Fleckcraft’s channel will no longer be canceled at the beginning of an arena match.
  • Warlock -The channel to summon a demon will no longer be canceled at the beginning of a battlefield or arena match.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Torghast’s storyline search ‘Lest the Trail Go Cold’ can now be completed in Skoldus Halls, Fracture Chambers, and Soul Forges as well. The search text will be updated to match it in a later patch.

Wow patch note 2 February

Here’s a look at the official WoW patch notes of February 2:

The classes

death Knight – If the player does not remove the giants, the rampaging demonic (mythic effect) buff will no longer be active.

Hunter – Updated Markman’s Advantage (groove) range to match Hunter’s mark.

Priest – Shadow Mend will now properly apply its damage over time to the allies.

The covenants

Bastar – An issue where “Mysterious Soul Mirror” cannot be turned on by characters who have completed the Kieren campaign.

Night fae – Dreamwiver’s (Soulbind) soothing voice can now be removed by Shadow’s Cloak.

Dungeons and raids

Mythic Keystone Dungeons – The damage taken from the complaint will now reduce the duration of Shadow Mend’s loss with the effect of time on the ally.

Plaguefall – Rigid plagorbers lowered the wretched cuff less often.

World quest

Fixed an issue during the Bastian World Search “Flight School: Up and Away!” Where a single flower can jump many.

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