There is No Game: Wrong Dimension – Review

There is no game: Wrong Dimension, despite the title, is a comic point and click adventure game. It was initially released on PC but has now made its way onto mobile. It is a bizarre title that pays homage to a plethora of different games released over the years. We decided to hand over our app to the military to see what they thought.

Here’s what he said:

Bites Pretorius

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the joy of life is going to come. This is true for the incredibly naughty puppy I recently adopted when he conquers triumphant things, as it takes on hilarious objections by the program AI to the satisfaction of peeling off after layer of TiNG because He tries in vain. You are a hindrance.

Before long, more characters join the cast, including the nefarious Mr. Glitch. Tinji is in the category of social experimentation games like The Stanley Parable, a love letter to the game in a broader sense with a brief appearance in mini-games with many different genres. And the progress is placed in a compelling point and click adventure shell, where the fourth wall has been broken so many times that a door has been installed for convenience. Tinji is an easy recommendation.

Oksana Ryan

Being a keen puzzler, the game really appealed to me. From the beginning, it was full of contradictions. As soon as I read a box game no game here and pressed it, I knew I was in fun. The controls are easy to use and have a character inside the game that is entertaining to listen to. Puzzles aren’t really difficult, but they make you think and see – anywhere, even when you’re looking for objects to help you move, the opening screens are off-limits.

I am reluctant to give too much detail because it needs to be experienced first hand. If you approach the game to read everything as if it is upside down or not as it seems then you will do fine. As a game that offers something off-kilter and a step away from some other formats, it is perfect.

Pierpolo Morgante

There is no game (TING), iPhone XR: TING is a point-click adventure game, in which the player has to use all his bets to play (or not play) against a very well programmed AI. Who tells you to stop. Because sport is not a game! ???? I found it really fun, and while it’s somewhat short (I played point-click games that were a bit longer than this), it doesn’t affect the player experience at all.

There is no risk of being bored, and it is full of references to older games, and the AI ​​is just too ridiculous to listen to. The graphics are beautiful, and most importantly, the touch screen is very sensitive (unlike other games where it becomes a bit frustrating to interact with the game). Even if you’re not into a point-click thrill, I think it’s totally worth it.

Rahul Mazumdar

This is probably one of the most difficult games to review or provide impressions. Why, well because … there is no game! On a more serious note, at its core, it is a pithy tale-driven puzzle game. It is very clever, does not take itself completely seriously, and relies somewhat on the intelligence of the player to move the game. It often refers to older, more popular games that are a very nice and welcome touch. Honestly speaking, you can’t really associate it with a specific style.

The game starts by the player suggesting not to play the game. The first thing the players have written is how good the writing and voice-acting really is. They are absolutely on top. Gameplay can be used for some players, as it is not one of your traditional games. But once the player hangs it, it is actually a very unique experience. Pixel graphics work well for games. Music and sounds are of the highest quality.

The performance is flawless without any bugs. This is a sport that does not appear very often. But it is the risk of such ideas that make mobile gaming truly special. Whoever is in gaming remotely, they must play it. It is an experience that no one will soon forget.

Paul manchester

The kind of game that I like to play on my mobile, the only downside was that it became difficult to put my phone down! Already from the visuals, the superb humor and style compel me to delve deeper into my strange world. The quirky writing definitely reminded me of Lucasarts point and click games like Sam and Max or Day of the Tentacle, complete with interesting and entertaining characters.

All of this is with constant interaction with the game. AI has worked in a good voice providing company and statement through your journey. I found some of the puzzles a little too much in a case of trial and error, but there is a hint system for those moments of complete confusion! Overall this is an excellent game full of charm that is easy to recommend.

Mark abukoff

Boiled its essence, it is a very clever and funny puzzle game. Even the menu enhances your brain and sense of humor, which is a very rare thing on AppStore. The graphics are bright and funny and the voice acting is fun and engaging. The controls are simple and effective, and there are plenty of free cues (with little waiting time between them) for people like me who are not always great at puzzles. Great work by Dev and I would gladly recommend it.

Roman Valerio

Due to some circumstances, I have somewhat drifted away from the mobile gaming scene and in this regard, I am completely in the dark, with all the news, releases, and hot trends. In this regard, I started this “non-game” without any expectations and, oh boy, how wrong I was about not playing it at first. Ting: WD is a blast from the past, reminiscent of the golden era of iOS gaming, a good reminder of the original, successful thinking in terms of mobile game design.

Unlike other modern-day games, this absolutely hilarious, simple, and smart game performs perfectly well on my 7-year-old device, which makes me really happy. I do not want to spoil all the details of the game and in fact, it does not fit any genre criteria. I can only say that TING: WD is highly volatile, completely unstable, and absolutely unpredictable in its gameplay, setting, and narrative. Don’t rely on the title: Here’s a game that made a long-lasting impression and to some extent rediscovered my passion for mobile gaming.

Jessie Ga

I completed it in 2 sessions, starting it the night before: it is too hard not to continue after starting, and you understand that nothing is more urgent than the next crazy idea of ​​this gem – non- Stop, the game played rather quickly ends, maybe after 5-6 hours (like many other good points and click games), and it’s a clever idea that you can’t stop playing, e.g. For, you do not have time to ask to propose to return the game. Sometimes do.

Absurd humor, love cards for memorials in video games, very successful voices, constant surprises, detract from the comforts of boredom. Therefore, it is a very basic non-normal game experience, completely unsuitable for a player who enjoys long hours, boring on Sunday afternoons: a great point for all players not to look for and click A non-conservative sport. Finally, there is no game: Wrong Dimensions We can claim the title of one of the best non-games we can dream of!

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