Outdance your enemies with Wanwan’s vibrant Pixel Blast skin

Glitch your way through victory.

Take out your crossbow and dance revolution pads as Agile Tiger, the latest collector release of Mobile Legends, has a colorful video game-themed skin for Wanwan.

Officially titled Pixel Blast, Wanvan dug out his traditional Qipao and steel crossbow and dive into the world of video games for a new look.

In the Skin trailer, you can see Wanwan dancing in a DDR-esque game, as he puts on his light purple battle gear, moreover equipped with a stylish visor and a shining futuristic version of his crossbow.

Don’t worry, he’s still his iconic beanie buns, but this time around, they’re dyed blue and big to match with his epic skin.

Wanavan’s Pixel Blast gameplay completely surrounds the arcade beauty. His dormant Tiger Pace now drops a colored ring of DDR arrows around his enemies. Once she hits all four weak points with her pixel attacks, an 8-bit creature will float above the opponent’s head for that bonus damage.

As for her other skills, Swallow’s Way now launches a Galaga-like spaceship and leaves a fleet of small planes to fly to her enemies. The flowers in the needles give you more flashy cleanliness, while Tang’s crossbow has Wanwan teleporting to your single target and sailing them with a barrage of pixels.

Wanavan Pixel Blast will replace Demonlord Valier in the Grand Collection on 5 February.

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