Call of Duty: Warzone bans 60k player accounts due to the use of the Hacking application

Activism recently banned sixty thousand Call of Duty accounts engaging in fraud to progress in the game. This was done because the players used cheat software for the royal battle. The COD ban was followed by players’ disappointment about the What cheat and aimbot that many players used for general as well as major tournament matches.

Since its launch, Call of Duty: Warzone has had approximately 300,000 permit worldwide. Activism is also taking steps to prevent fraud in Warzone by identifying players who provide hacking and modding software.

Cheating was seen in the Warzone after its launch in March 2020. Activation to stop cheating, ban waves, in-game reporting feature, and 2-factor authentication and was launched by game developer Infinity Ward. However, it could not stop cheating. Players continued to cheat using Wallhawk cheat software and aimbots.

Activism has now promised to improve the game by introducing new detection technology, anti-cheat software, time restrictions, and new resources to identify theaters. It will work 24 × 7 to counter theaters. Developers will be looking for WallHacks, Abbots, State Hacks, Leaderboard Hacks, Injectors, Hex Editors, etc., and can be used to manipulate the game.

Regular communication will be provided to players in progress in anti-cheat issues. The Raven software that developed Warzone will give updates. Monthly updates will be provided and many times weekly updates will also be provided.

Game improvements in 2021

The biggest advantage is that the game will now have internal anti-cheat software. This would be a great help to the general players as the game had a growing number of theaters. Many players believed that the game had no anti-cheat software. However, recent announcements by Activision point to the fact that anti-cheat software may now exist. However, the publisher was smart about the existence of software.

With the COD ban and Activision’s new moves to tackle COD, millions of players playing this game can expect a cheat-free gaming experience in 2021.

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