5 Reasons to try Fire and Glory, the strategy game set in fantasy Sparta

In a world surrounded by war – where the only way to rise up as a true champion is the clash of swords and your microscopic examination – do you have what it takes to protect your entire civilization and watch others fall at your feet?

From the stunning architectural styles for each structure to the furious background music you build, that can propel the weary warrior to battle, Koofei Limited’s fantasy strategy game Fire and Glory gives players the glory of another in Sparta Does not leave like.

Fight alongside fearsome beasts

Although other empire-building strategy games may inspire armies to fight against dragons or claim the throne as a king, Fire and Glory takes things up a notch with its unique Beastiary feature. Players can use special Rune Sharks to unlock Monster Seal Stones, and you can use these unholy creatures to inflict hell upon their enemies on the battlefield. For example, every Wednesday and Saturday running hunt Torren Judicator event can help you score unmarked shards and stones that can gain the upper hand against your unknowing enemies.

Strategize and lead a well-balanced army into battle

To ensure the victory of your city-state as one of the great attributes of your realm, you must learn to maximize both your hero skills and army tactics so that your efforts are not in vain. Build your barracks and train your troops accordingly, but remember – when you can recruit Spartan Elites, Thessaly Riders, Cretan Archer, and other units to turn the tide in a match, each unit has Has its pros and cons. Once you have a more well-rounded army that has both brains and brains on the battlefield, you can rally with your alliance and take part in coalition events such as capturing the capital Can. Win it to score titles and bonuses, as well as valuable resources that you can use to make it even stronger.

Join forces with mighty allies to reign supreme

Of course, no man can stand against opposing forces alone, so building his network of allies is invaluable. In addition to the “Aegis of Protection”, which shields your city against invading forces for a certain period of time, you can take advantage of the city migration feature to cluster with your league. When you feel like you are facing enough strength and skill, you can involve your allies in capturing capital for ultimate bragging rights and in-game privileges that further strengthen your domain Will do. Who will stand as the winner in the final battle?

Power up your Hero with unique skills

You can also wage a war against occupied tiles, and plan your time wisely – sometimes, knowing when to send out and withdraw troops under siege, spell the difference between victory and defeat. Can do. Make sure that your warriors recover their health after every match, and that your resource yields exceed the soldiers’ maintenance costs at all times. Leveling your hero – the powerful and enigmatic Zofia – will also buff your overall power, while spending skill points to unlock skills in your hero’s skill tree can be a welcome boost to your basic abilities. You can also prepare gears in the forge to further increase your strength in battle.

Rally forces around the globe with automatic language conversion

Above all, Fire and Glory is first and foremost a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, in which players around the world can easily play together and automatically call for weapons in real-time via language conversion Can answer because nothing should stand in the way of the final victory in Sparta.

Whether you’re an experienced war game expert or a newbie aficionado looking for your next mobile favorite game, there’s so much Fire and Glory has to offer (Monster Haunts, Catching Enemy Heroes, and even the Black Market Shady business deals are included)). The game can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. You can learn more about dominating your realm on the game’s official Facebook page.

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