2D real-time strategy Battlecruisers is out today on mobile

Originally expected to be released last October, Mecha Vika has released its 2D real-time strategy game Battlecruisers into the jungle. It is now for iOS and Android devices.

Battlecruiser has been developed by two creators, one from the United States and one from New Zealand, and in it, you command your own battleship on the sea as you attack and defend from another player who ships his own ship. Is also controlling.

You will be attacked by frigates, destroyers, and bombers sent by another player so you will have to build your stronghold using items like shields and boosters. You can also use some extra power to increase your production speed and launch your own offensive arsenal using units such as fighter planes, attacking boats, and gunships.

Alternatively, there are more powerful alternatives to weapons such as nuclear rockets, long-range cannons, and even death star satellites. These are known as experimental ultra weapons and are the deadliest weapons in the game, so use extreme caution when handling them.

To see some gameplay for Battlecruisers we watch the trailer here.

You can learn about the development behind the game on the official website, which provides more information about the build process and highlights some of the problems with Mecha Veka during its path to release. In my opinion it is worth reading.

Battlecruisers have launched today for iOS on the iOS App Store and Google Play with a free play title for Android, with DLC coming later. This is in contrast to the PC version, which has a $ 10 tag and free DLC released after launch. Previously, the game was available as a beta on mobile.

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