Kangana Ranaut replies to netizen asking for her credentials

From calling international pop icon Rihanna as a ‘fool’ and ‘porn star’ to classifying Tapsee Pannu as a ‘B-grade person’, ‘Dumbo’ and ‘freeloader’, Kangana Ranaut is known for her controversial news everywhere Has been in the headlines. Comments on social media. And now, the ‘ik Manikarnika’ star has said that there is no one better than her to “lead” among many fools on social media and has asked netizens to ‘bow down to the Queen’.

Kangana’s latest statement came in response to a Twitter user who asked what her political and academic credentials were for commenting on any topic. The user, Harish Chandra Meena, former DGP, former MP Dausa Rajasthan, MLA Deoli-Uniara, in his tweet further said, “Is he just a pawn in the social media power-play?”

Harish’s tweet read, “I am keen to know what qualifications @KanganaTeam has to comment on every topic, or is it just a pawn, in the social media power play.” Would like to know his academic/political credentials (sic). “

To this, Kangana replied, “My credit….” Haha, I really believe that I am an average person but among so many idiots on social media I am the best person to lead… so I bow to my queen. Kangana followed the tweet with a crown emoji with the word ‘Queen’ on it.

For Vikas, Kangana played the lead role in the 2013 blockbuster film ‘Queen’ directed by Vikas Bahl, after which she was often referred to by audiences and in many media reports as ‘Queen’.

Meanwhile, some tweets of actress Kangana Ranaut were deleted by site Twitter on Thursday, stating that the post is violating their rules.

The move by the digital platform went on to support the ongoing farmers’ protest against the international pop sensation Rihanna by the actress. Kangana called Rihanna a porn singer, a “porn star” and a left wing role model. Two tweets, which were removed, concerned the peasant protest.
Shortly thereafter, Twitter released a statement regarding his move.
A Twitter spokesperson said, “We have taken action on tweets that violated Twitter rules to the extent of enforcement regulations.”

A tweet, which was considered derogatory and pulled by the stage, was a place where he called many Indian cricketers a “washerman”. Bollywood actress Taapsee was another pull for Pannu.

Back in January, Kangana shared that her Twitter account was temporarily banned.

This came after he made conflicting comments about the creators of the web series Tandava via a post. In an allegedly deleted tweet, Kangana said it was “time to behead her” for insulting Hindu gods.

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